“Don’t do this to me man, please don’t do this” he screamed on his mobile phone.

“Sorry dude, Kavita’s parents just left for a party and it’s rare that this happens. We want to make the most of it…if you know what I mean” Sanyam said. Karan could imagine the grin he must have had.

“But Karan…” he continued. “I hope you are wearing the T-Shirt I gave you, it has always worked for me bro…it always has!”

Karan was not sure about this, he is not what the T-Shirt said. “Ok fine, I just hope you get lucky…but you owe me big, really big.”

“Thanks bro…I hope you score. Just believe in your T-Shirt and ….” Karan hung up even before he could complete.

Karan shifted to Gurgaon two years ago from Sikkim, one of the many places his father was posted. He looked forward to Gurgaon, as he had heard several fascinating stories about the city, during his graduation and always aspired to work and live there. That night he went to a night club – Atom Bar, which was mostly filled with people like him, all from different parts of the country, trying to make it big in this bustling cosmopolitan place called Gurgaon. He had heard about people getting hooked instantly over a drink, in this past faced city. His friend Sanyam, often referred as ‘the player’ in his friend circle took up the mettle of being his mentor. After a lot of persuasion Sanyam agreed to be his wingman. Karan knew that if he wanted to learn the art of impressing women, Sanyam was the man.

The loud music at the bar did very little to pep him up. He just couldn’t help being mad at Sanyam. He also didn’t like the fact that Sanyam often addressed him as ‘Bro’, it sounded so fake.

However, just then, right from the corner of the bar he noticed a curious set of eyes stuck on him. He saw her looking straight at him, motionless, as if she was studying him. Then suddenly she smiled at him and looked away. Karan’s heart started pounding inside his chest but deep inside he know that this was too good to be true. He looked behind him just to be sure that there was no one behind him and instantly turned again at the bar corner, however, to his utter dismay, the girl was gone. He tried to reminisce how she looked. An ankle length green dress, curly brown hair, her complexion was a bit on the darker side, and was she with her friends…alone? He was not sure. He stood up again to locate her in the crowd and suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Please tell me that you got up looking for me?” she exclaimed.

“Is this really happening? She came up to me? Looks like ‘The Player’ tag is now mine” Karan thought, his legs shivering with nervousness and anxiety.

“Well…I mean, I thought…” he muttered.

“You thought right, I was looking at you, and you didn’t have to look back” she confidently said as if she knew what he was thinking.

She took the barstool near him, ordered a glass of chardonnay and took a good look at his chest. “Interesting T-Shirt… Is it true?”

“Every word…we are a rare breed.” He said looking at her eyes, trying his best to look confident and making sure that he belongs to this kind of a situation. “But, I have a question, why are you sitting with me? I mean I didn’t even try the cliché catch up lines on you? This made her laugh and he joined her too, laughing at the stupidity of where this conversation is going. “Good question.” She crossed her legs, which he couldn’t help but notice. She bended over and said “Look at your T-Shirt…you are a rare breed…” they both started laughing, this time harder than before.

She guzzled down three glasses of chardonnay and looked at her watch. It was 10:00 pm and the bar was filled with its regulars and the irregulars pouring in slowly. After talking for two hours about life, jobs, relationships, one night stands (which Karan claimed that he had loads of), which she did not believe and he kept on trying to convince her.

“I think you are a virgin, you just give that vibe.” She said rubbing her thumb on his earlobes. “You know what, I think you came in here today to get lucky…I saw you sizing up other women that passed by you…” she stated and her fingers raced down from his jaw line to this neck slowly.

“Well…I agree, however I still stand by the fact that I am a not a virgin…but what’s your story? You didn’t come with your friends, you sat at that table at the corner before I came to rescue you” he said with a little bit of pride.

“Oh my prince in the shining amour, I was waiting for you…” she said with a dramatic smile swaying herself with the glass in her hand. “Well, yes, I was waiting for something to happen…it didn’t…I was upset…thought I could use a drink. Then, it saw you. I don’t know why I smiled; maybe I was looking for someone to talk to.”

The bar was getting crowded and clearly she was uncomfortable with so many people coming to the bar counter for their drinks, some brushed by her by mistake and some didn’t! Karan couldn’t help noticing and thought that it was his time to take the lead.

“Do you want to go someplace else? I think this place is getting way too crowded for you.”

“I can do anything to have a drink at a quiet place, I can’t stand so many people all over me” she said, irritated.

“Well I have wine at my place but I am sure you won’t be interested to…”She stood up and Karan was surprised at the interruption. “I agree…let’s get out of here and go to your place.”

Karan paid and they were on their way, nervous how she would react after looking at the place he lived. “I hope she doesn’t change her mind later” he thought. He could notice her looking at the ceiling, analyzing the people who went past her; she was asking questions about how long he has been living in Gurgaon, how he got this place, who all did he share this apartment with, etc.

He did expect such questions from her, after all its India and he understood that it’s not easy for a girl to come home with a stranger, after the very first meeting.

He opened the door and tried to make her feel comfortable in the apartment, and then he turned to go to his room to arrange his bed, and also to make sure that the condom was there. Earlier this evening, while making these arrangements, he thought that he was being too optimistic and now he thought that he really underestimated himself.

“I am waiting for the wine!” she called out from the other room. He acknowledged and went straight to his kitchen cabinet which was attached with the guest room. He took out two glasses, opened the cork of the wine bottle and he felt her right hand going up towards his chest. Even before he could turn and acknowledge, his nose got covered with a white cloth which she held in her left hand.

She made sure that he was unconscious and without wasting any time took out her phone and made a call.

“I have your kidney. Texting you the address” said with a sense of purpose.

“Are you sure it’s the right group” a grumpy voice in the other line said.

“Yes, it is. You will know when you get here” she hung up and checked again to ensure that Karan was unconscious and left the apartment.

Ten minutes later two men entered the apartment as directed, armed with their surgical kit. The first thing one of them noticed was Karan’s black T-Shirt, with the following lines written in blood red.


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