“Have you read this?” Tina showed the newspaper to her roommate without reading the full story, holding her piping hot coffee on the other hand as she read the story aloud.

“A 37 year old man has been brutally murdered after going for a date with someone he met in the dating app Ignite, two days ago. 12 incidents in Mumbai and multiple such incidents in Pune and Nagpur has been reported, where the killer is said to meet its victims using Ignite. It is estimated that this app has more than a million downloads and …”

“Are you sure that we should continue using this app? I mean, we had our share of fun when this app didn’t even exist?” she said.

“Stop being such a fuckin chicken babe…I love this app, its easy and convenient” Sara said with confidence, smoking out rings with her favorite Davidoff cigarette. “What do you think of her?” she handed her phone to Tina who took a good look at all the pictures. “Well…she is your type, busty, feminine, petite, long hair with brown eyes. I just hope it’s not a guy, last time you went to meet a girl like this, turned out to be a guy with a fake profile and started stalking you”

“I hope you remember what I did with him, right?” Sara said with her typical mischievous smile.

“Don’t remind me. I don’t even know how I have been your roommate for so long. Anyway, have a look at this guy who just liked me on Ignite and his profile is interesting” she flung her phone to Sara for her reaction.


                                                  Zorawar, 31


You dislike my profile and the story ends. You wake up in your bed believing                   what you want to believe. You hit like, you will enter wonderland, and I show you                                                                      what I am all about


Winner of a beauty contest (in Monopoly)

                                                                                   My idea of fun:

Can make 50 Shades of Grey sound like Mills and Boon


Your parents will love me but your neighbors wont!


“Can make 50 Shades of Grey sound like Mills and Boon? I like this guy already” Sara said giving her stamp of approval.

Tina and Zorawar have been meeting for more than two weeks and Sara just couldn’t wait to meet him.

“Are you sure about this guy?” she would often ask Tina. She knew every guy would love to know her, after all which guy would not go for a girl flashing half her cleavage to the world in Ignite. “I would like to meet him sometime alone; he needs to pass the ‘Sara’ test. She said with a smirk.

Tina was not sure if she wanted Zorawar to take the test, however, she gave in. Sara loved Zorawar’s idea of going to Triangular Park and having a drink in the car and chat all night.

Zorawar arrived at their place and saw Sara entering with a wine bottle. He couldn’t help noticing Tina watching Sara enter his black swanky Mercedes from their third floor balcony.

“I am assuming that’s for me?” (Eyeing the wine bottle) his wide grin clearly showed how much he wanted to make an impression. Tina had told him earlier about the fact that he will have to pass the ‘Sara’ test.

“Yes and your test starts now and you better be good” Sara said sizing him up as much as she could.

“I love challenges, and if I set my mind on something, I always get it” he said confidently clutching the leather steering cover.

She smiled running her fingers through her short dense black hair. “I like men with confidence, but don’t get too carried away” she with a sheepish smile and rubbing his shoulders.

They talked all evening and she could notice how careful and measured he was. She loved drinking in the car, which was against the law but that gave her a new high. He was four pegs down with the single malt he got for himself, however, was very steady with this driving. They talked about movies, he spoke about the women in his life and she lied about the men in her life.

“I thought you will have good stories about women. Aren’t you gay?” he said giving a sideways glance to her.

“Tina told you that?” she said shocked out of her wits. “How could she.” Sara thought.

“Nopes she didn’t. I just know and I know a lot of things about you both” he said stopping the car near an abandoned park and Sara looked around at the emptiness around her. She didn’t expect anyone around anyway! It was 2am in the night after all and she was always prepared for the worst.

“Well, I just admire both of you and your partnership” she looked at his penetrating gaze. “You think I didn’t notice the wine bottle you got me. I just wonder why the cork was at its place but the seal was off. Why you would want to take a drive with a stranger you met for the first time? And here is something which I always wondered…”

“I want to get out right now” she said with a frown, uncomfortable and not impressed with this discussion. She saw him locking the doors and the windows automatically sliding up.

“Think Sara think…there must be a way out” she thought to herself without making too much fuss about it.

Zorawar continued and ignored how uncomfortable she was “…you know what got me thinking about you? Your bios in Ignite… Yours said that my girl should pass the ‘Tina’ test and Tina’s said that her guy should pass the ‘Sara’ test.”

He turned around and looked into her eyes. “You know what I always wondered, why do all the men and women who took the tests ended up dying or went missing!”

After a long time fear gripped Sara, not knowing what lay in store for her. She closed her eyes and gave a long sigh. It was all over, what started off as fun for them became an addiction and they couldn’t turn back.

“Call Tina, tell her that I have passed the test and maybe I will be kind to you.” He commanded, without any expression on his face.

She dialed Tina’s number and obliged. Just then, like a lightning bolt Zorawar’s fist met her face. He gripped her brown hair and slashed her throat with his pocket knife. He took his phone and got out of the car and locked the doors. Zorawar looked at Sara who was struggling holding her throat like a fish out of the water.

His bloodshot eyes looked at her and screamed through the window, “THIS IS FOR MY BROTHER WHO COULDN’T PASS YOUR TEST!”



The dating app killer claimed its 31st victim after a 33 year old woman’s body was found with her throat slit, inside a stolen Mercedes Benz in the morning. This time police said that they have significant lead after she made a phone call to her roommate moments before she was killed.

CLICK HERE  to read more

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