He was everything to me. Every day he would leave in the morning and came home at dusk and I would be waiting for him. He had a spring in his step every time he saw me and it made me feel so special. I lost track of time since I started living with him but I was his world. He had very few friends who came in occasionally and joined us. I noticed at that at times he would look at me from the corner of this eye just to make sure that I was not being naughty or not fooling around with this piano which he loved so much. He was very possessive about it, it was the first thing I saw when I started living here. He loved playing it and I used to lie down on his sofa and listen to him play.

I had noticed that he became very upset lately. I did as much has possible to comfort him but it did not work like before. He was aloof and was always lost in his thoughts and I stood there looking at him helpless.

He spent most of his time at home, I knew that I should have been happy about this, but I hardly saw him smile anymore. He started sleeping on the couch instead of the bed and I would cuddle beside him to comfort him as much as I could. He hardly rubbed my hair as he did earlier.

Since few days I started having severe pain in my belly, but I did not want him to notice. On the third day he noticed how uncomfortable I felt and he took me to someone who felt my belly, opened my mouth and gave me something to drink. It did not taste good at all but then I looked at him, he eyes told me to have it and I did.

Things started changing in the house, strange people came in and took his piano away. He did not stop them but I couldn’t help but notice the despair in his face. I knew how much it meant to him and I couldn’t believe that they were taking it away. In a couple of weeks I saw some men coming into the house, took his bed and the sofa. So we stared sleeping on the floor. It was nice, the floor was warm and we could still cuddle and sleep.

The pain in my belly got worse, every day I used to cry in pain, no matter how much I tried to keep my emotions in control, I just couldn’t, and he would always know. We started to visit the place where this man would check me and give me bitter water to drink.

On our way back home, I saw a lady holding a lot of papers standing near our small porch. I did not like the look she gave to us. He did not want me to be a part of this conversation and reluctantly I went inside the house. I saw the animated discussions they had, she did not want to listen, gave him the papers and walked away. He sat down on the ground buried his face inside his palms, and I knew that moment that we lost the house. The house he once brought me to.

We didn’t have many things to pack, most of them were taken. He put in most of his clothes and shoes into his wagon. He knew how sick and weak I was so he carried me in his arms. We started living under a bridge and I got weaker every day. He would leave me alone to get food for me but I would not eat all of it, I couldn’t see him hungry. None of his friends came to help him and I was too helpless to help.

One day it was raining, both of us soaked and I was incredibly cold. The pain in my belly was excruciating and both of us were hungry, we could see people eating their lavish spread, but we couldn’t help notice a man playing the piano inside that restaurant. We both turned and looked at each other, I always loved when he played the piano. It was so beautiful.

I always knew what he was thinking, just by looking at his eyes. They were so expressive, I could see his defeat, his helplessness and his agony. I saw his hands coming towards my throat mustering as much courage as he could. He curled his fingers around my neck trying his best to put an end to my misery.

We creatures are not very articulate, but I know exactly what to say. “WHOOF, WHOOF”, I screamed and wagged my tail for him for the last time. As usual he understood me and it was a privilege to die by his hands.

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