“Not today.” She clinched her fists and muttered to herself. Today he will not get the better of her. She had waited to muster courage for more than 15 years and couldn’t not let this feeling go. Determined, she turned sideways and looked at the wall. The wall knew everything about her. The abuse she was ashamed to share with the world, scared to tell even her parents, as their lives were dependent on him. The wall at her playroom was her witness but it couldn’t talk. The wall knew everything and yet it couldn’t say. While the world may never know at least she has someone listening and watching her.

She knew the moment he entered the house. Her parents made him feel very important; after all he was the business partner with the money…

Apart from her suffering, a lot has changed over the years, her playroom is now her library. Her dolls and doll house are now replaced with books. Everything had changed except her wall and she never wanted her wall, her confidant to change.

She sat down on her floor pillow, waiting for him to come, giving a side glace to the wall if it had anything to say. She looked around herself for any word of advice, a ray of hope or just a sign which says not to do it.

He flung open the door with authority. “Ah! I see you are waiting for me”. The words came from the smiling towering figure which stood in front of her. He closed the door behind him, walked and sat down beside her.

“I have got some books for you, or you still prefer Barbie dolls which I gave you when you were a kid” he said with a broad smile, being the ever friendly person he was.

“Books are good” she said curtly. “Where is Ma and Dad?” she enquired.

“They have some work to do and told me to look after this naughty young girl…” he said rolling his fingers through her hair and she could feel the similar fear gripping her, the one emotion she could never get used to.

“I don’t know why you hate me…” he continued to play with her dense brown hair, curling them with his fingers. “I do so much for your family…just for you; so that you can get a good education, put expensive cream on this milky white face of yours.” He held her jaw and slowly squeezed it with his thick palms.

He was always nice and friendly and that’s what never made her parents realize the devil that he is! His bite marks were always in places which could be covered.

She felt his hand on her thigh and she was waiting for the right time to execute her plan. She gave soft moans showing the mixed feeling of being uncomfortable and yet gratifying so that he doesn’t change his mind. After she felt his hands were between her legs, she pushed him away.

“I think you should leave…Right now!” she said standing against the wall and pointing towards the door. His face was blood red and she was praying in her heart.

“Lady, remember the last time you resisted me… remember what I did to you.” His rage made his breath heavy. “You ungrateful little bitch.  I just can’t stand this family of parasites”. He screamed with the saliva rolling out from his jaws and she stood there motionless just looking at his eyes. Waiting.

“You know that I don’t like to hear the word NO” He pushed her to the wall, something he always did when she resisted. He punched her cheeks with all the power he could muster. This time it was different, he was beating a dead soul, she felt no pain but she was still waiting for the right time…

The time had finally come when the lust took over rage and he started licking her cheeks which had turned blue because of his brutal punches. This was the moment she was waiting for. She took out her pocket knife from her back pocket, hugged him. His lust consumed him and he wrapped his hands around her tighter. She brought her right hand forward and drilled the pocket knife into his windpipe and the fountain of blood spurted at her face. She didn’t let him go and he was surprised at her display of strength. He continued to hit her and let himself away from her but she wouldn’t let him go. She wanted to feel the life leaving his body and his body felt lighter by the minute.

She threw his lifeless body aside and screamed, “I am not afraid of you anymore” she said without thinking about the consequences that lay before her. Nothing could replace the relief she had after looking at his lifeless body and looked around.

Slowly she walked backwards, turned her back to him and bowed towards the gasping audience none of whom flinched one bit. Just as the curtains came down the theatre broke into a thunderous applause which lasted more than a minute. Her husband held her from behind, drenched from the liquid red food color and laughed after he showed the punctured balloon which contained the fake blood.

As they started walking back stage. She kept looking at The Wall and thought of a similar wall of her own life, at her own playroom.

She then slowly told herself “The Wall will always listen and never speak”.

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  1. Excellent. Never expected it Will be wrapped upp so early. Opening was excellent & exciting. Would have been better if stretched little more. Shall share this one with my friend circles. God Bless. Tls

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